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About us

Your experienced medical practice in Dothan, AL

At First Med of Dothan, we focus on helping alleviate your medical concerns and offer informed advice at our Dothan, AL-based medical practice. Patients can have different views on medical treatments. That is why we clearly lay out all of information so that you can make an informed choice about what is best for you.

Our practice

First Med of Dothan is a Family Practice physician office that grew out of Practice Clinic of Dothan, which was established in 1973 by Roddy D. Cook, M.D. We are proud to have a highly trained urology physician on site in Dothan. Our family physicians have rotating schedules, working both at First Med of Dothan and at  Family Practice Clinic of Ashford, our sister site.

Our role

A general practitioner that cannot effectively communicate with his or her clients cannot provide the medical service that people need. Your primary health care physician should be friendly, familiar and easily accessible. At First Med of Dothan, we are here to listen to you and here for you to come back to whenever needed.
At Dothan medical practice, we act as a comprehensive repository for patient records and provide continuous care and long-term management of chronic conditions. We will help you make sense of even the most complex health issues and will always take the time and effort to explain as best we can how our treatments will work for you.

Informed and up-to-date medical advice

At First Med of Dothan, we know that change happens at a rapid pace within our industry. That’s why we keep pace with the most accurate, reliable and state-of-the-art medical services. At our medical practice in Dothan, we keep our staff up-to-date with medical innovations, discoveries and treatments and engage in constant learning.
Child care at medical practice in Dothan, AL
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